To: Christmas From: The Yelves

by The Yelves


In 1823, a band of jolly elves lived and worked together in harmony in a secret village deep in the North Pole. For many years, the elves worked happily side by side, making toys for the children and tending to Santa’s reindeer. But there was a small group of elves who became disenchanted as the rules against mischief became increasingly strict. Soon the elves were shunned, banned from the North Pole, and stripped of their titles as Magical Agents of Santa. 

And so it came to pass that these bitter little elves, with no place to go, removed from all they ever knew and loved, roamed the Earth with a new and singular purpose - to rock Christmas far and wide with yet unwritten truths from the North Pole.

These are The Yelves. And these are their carols.